Our Vision is to

Revolutionize and Simplify Stakeholder Adoption

Our Mission is to improve the predictability of business performance and productivity for organizations after a change implementation.

Our History goes back seven years. An organizational change management training and consulting company called jTask Inc spun out a software tool for their valued customers to use in automating the most common, critical tasks of change management professionals.

Stracl is a Silicon Valley startup that now owns and markets this enabling technology!

Stracl has been used successfully across a broad array of industries, from equipment manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to retail.


What We Believe In


Understanding the truth and acting in a truthful manner both in our communications and in our conduct


Demonstrating accountability while pursuing excellence and responding to expectations


Showing a commitment to impartiality, objectivity, openness, due process, and proportionality


Showing a high regard for ourselves, other people, reputation, the safety of others, and financial and other resources entrusted to us


Striving to deliver best practice and added value, we advance the discipline of change management into a recognizable, respected profession

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