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engage module

Promote Stakeholder Engagement

The Engage Module is the first and largest module in Stracl to prioritize your stakeholder in any large complex organizational change management. Stracl had designed the Engage module for change professionals to analyze the needs and impact of change on stakeholders. The module will ensure simplicity in importing stakeholders, building interest charts, conducting impact analysis, and exporting comprehensive data.

Stracl’s Stakeholder Analysis is a customizable database to visibly depict stakeholder motivations, expectations, concerns, and attitudes toward the change.

To ensure effective Stakeholder Analysis, the Power Interest Chart helps professionals allocate stakeholders to various levels of power and interest.

The Change Impact Analysis easily identifies the impact to specific stakeholders that will help leaders influence the activities, resources, and strategies to mitigate the impact.

All analyses are exportable for sharing and review in various formats depending on organizational needs.


Manage Communication Plans

The Communication Module is the communication hub for stakeholders to be kept informed of your organizational change management process. Stracl had created the Communication Module for change professionals to clearly define the most effective internal and external communication plans that will incorporate industry best practices. The module allows leaders to sort communication plans, create email surveys, export communication reports, and store completed communication results for future readiness assessment.

Creating a communication plan will go side-by-side with rating its attendance, engagement, and contribution. Various channels of communication to improve strategies, activities, and feedback.

Stored communication completion results that assist in readiness assessment are exportable for sharing and reviewing purposes.

train module

Advanced Training Delivery

The Training Module is made to develop, track, enhance training courses’ progress. Stracl had provided the Training Module with training templates that incorporate industry best practices to satisfy the requirements of the Learning Needs Assessment. The module is customizable to optimize training needs, shareable course descriptions, and a comprehensive capability of tracking course progression.

The customizable and comprehensive Training dashboard help ensure project team members are on track with organizational learning needs.

Stracl provides a course description and objective template to help change leaders create and constantly update course descriptions.

Easily export detailed course descriptions as teaching materials, such as PowerPoint templates, for trainer and trainee.

Communicate course descriptions and the significance of the training to team members with email templates.

Administrative management of training development, tracking, and improvement expedited to ensure member readiness and efficiency during Go-Live.

map module

Organized Users Mapping Capability

The Mapping Module is a centralized location to manage and monitor all mapping processes. Change professionals can utilize the Mapping Module to streamline other change management functions, such as stakeholder management and communication arrangements. The module will carry out the critical work of linking stakeholders to business roles with the required security and training.

Mapping operations are simple and modifications to position descriptions are designed by business process owners.

Data is real-time to avoid the need for email or spreadsheet updates that will greatly improve management productivity.

Stracl Webapp

Executive and Stakeholder Engagement Application

The Webapp allows project or change management professionals to effectively engage with impacted senior executives and stakeholders during organizational change by delivering real-time information. Stracl created the application for project and change managers who need instant information on stakeholders’ alignment, capacity, saturation, resistance, maturity and want the ability to communicate project information quickly.

Webapp users can easily switch between viewing general information about the project, updating their phase/stage readiness in real-time, and participating in activities.

Easily display the project details including the vision of the future state, change impact, project cost, and the option to embed multiple videos.

Challenges created by Change Management admins are visible here. The total amount of points per challenge can be customized.

Stakeholders have the option to swipe right or left to answer each question and the ability to change their answer at any time.

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