For Complex Change You Need Organizational Change Management Software

In the period before change is implemented, your organization needs the right tool
to move from the red line to the green line.
Stracl is that tool. Long business transformation cycle times are over and unnecessary.


Improve the predictable business performance and productivity, post-change implementation.


Shorten the disruption period to change adoption.


Deliver organizational benefits faster.

Introducing Stracl

Stracl aims to provide effortless change management processes for end-user success with modules that bring efficiency to engagement, communication, training, and mapping.

Better Stakeholder Engagement

The Engage Module lets you quickly input and organize stakeholders. It is an intelligent module to conduct stakeholder management and ensure efficient communication, persuasion, and influence.

Create Stakeholder Analysis

Build Power Interest charts

Manage Change Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment

Export stakeholder information for easy review and analysis

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Structured Communication

The Communication Module creates consistent, appropriate, and timely communication plans. Eliminate stakeholder confusion with Stracl as a single source of tracking all key project messaging.

Target your communications approach based on channel

Store Communication completion results for Business Readiness Assessment

Export your communication plan for easy review and analysis

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Course Description Delivered Early

The Train Module provides a platform to create training courses, track course development, and expedite training progress. Reduce help desk calls at Go-Live by improving end-user confidence.

Comprehensive customizable dashboard

Develop clear instructional training Objectives

Export course descriptions into a PowerPoint template

Email course descriptions with a push of the button

Provide transcripts, schedule training, manage delivery, and track
completions from a single source

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User Mapping Capability

The Map Module maps end-users to appropriate business roles that are linked to specific security and training requirements. Improve the quality and reduce the cost of security and training readiness for future state adoption.

Easily map and un-map large numbers of users or modify underlying positions

Provides comprehensive reports to security and training teams

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Stracl Powers Change Management For The World’s Most Innovative Organizations

Semiconductor company that supplies equipment, services and software for the manufacture of computer chips

Multinational health care services company in the top twenty highest revenue generating companies in the United States

Global specialty chemicals company serving customers in 100 countries

Blog and Events

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Watch the Kick-Off of Stracl on Video. Tune in online to the recording of the November 16 Stracl Launch Party Webinar.

Cynthia Shern

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