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How To Import a List of Training Courses

How To Import a List of Training Courses

If you have more than a few courses to enter into Stracl, you may wish to import them from an Excel spreadsheet.  The import will provide you with the basic course entries –  code, title, duration, delivery mode, description, owner, and two descriptive fields as set by your Stracl administrator.

Import Training Courses

From Admin > Train > Course Visibility > Import, follow the onscreen instructions. If you do not have access to the Admin>Train menu, check with your Stracl Administrator.

  • If you have course titles in Stracl that duplicate course titles in your spreadsheet, they will not be imported. If you have duplicate course titles in your import file, you will need to remove the duplicates before you can import. (You will receive an error and be able to restart the once you’ve removed the duplicates and saved the file.).
  • Course_Description imports to Objectives and is visible in the course edit mode.
  • Content_Owner imports to Owner / Approver and is visible in the Course edit mode.
  • Delivery_Mode must already exist in your instance of Stracl, or it will not import. Your Stracl Administrator can Check Admin > Train > Delivery Modes to see what modes are available and add or delete modes as needed.
  • Business Process will be added to your list of default Business Processes. You may need to log out and log back in for the list to update.

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