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Stracl Webapp Trial

Thank you for choosing the Stracl Webapp to help your organization improve stakeholder engagement and taking the steps to become a change leader, not a follower.

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What is the Stracl Webapp Trial?

The trial's purpose is to provide an in-depth experience of leading a change project on a mobile platform, where all stakeholders can stay engaged. The Stracl Webapp Trial is an opportunity for organizations interested in testing the Stracl Webapp on a change project. Leaders of our use case trial will be given the opportunity to share their Webapp experiences and findings with the change management community.

Trial Procedure

  1. Agreement on Stracl Webapp Trial
  2. Identify a project
  3. Identify project stakeholders
  4. Set up and deploy Stracl Webapp

Step 1: Agreement on Stracl Webapp Trial

  • Identify and enlist your core team
  • Agree on the use of and application Stracl Webapp at your organization.
  • Prepare a description of how the Stracl Webapp can be used to improve your organization's Change Management Agility
  • Identify the goals and objectives of the trial.

Step 2: Identify a Project

You need to select a project or change initiative where you want to adopt a more agile approach to change management.

That use case project should be one where:

  • You have a great relationship with the business executive and they are interested in new ideas to accelerate stakeholder adoption.
  • You can identify business change agents that want to be involved in the change.
  • You have a change team on this project which is looking to try something different.
  • You currently have a website, milestones and communication surveys.
  • You want to understand readiness.
  • You believe they would be more involved if given challenges and quizzes.

Step 3: Identify Project Stakeholders

  • Identify the project and the team.
  • Identify stakeholders impacted.

Step 4: Set Up Stracl Webapp

  • You will get a dedicated Stracl SaaS that the Change Team can add stakeholders and configure the Webapp.
  • You will get a dedicated Stracl Webapp URL that you can send to stakeholders with email instructions.
  • We will provide you with Training and default content to get you started.

Length of Trial

You will have free access to the Stracl Webapp and Stracl SaaS for three months to engage with your impacted stakeholders on a mobile platform.

Upgrade your Trial

After the three months free trial, you can extend your Stracl Webapp trial by nine months by purchasing the Stracl SaaS * and agreeing to document your change management Stracl Webapp use case jointly with Stracl. This way, you will get twelve months of experience revolutionizing and simplifying stakeholder adoption with Stracl Webapp at its full potential.

As part of the Trail, you will also receive direct access to our Agile development sprint and the opportunity to influence the direction of the application.

* Note please, you will need to request an additional quote if you require your data to be hosted on an AWS server outside the USA.

Technical Requirements

  • You must involve your IT department to set up Single Sign On (SSO). This is required to provide your business executives and impacted stakeholders secure access to the Stracl Webapp on their mobiles or desktops.


Testers agree to document your change management use case for your trial and develop a presentation based on it for our use to publicize the features and benefits of Stracl. This presentation may be delivered in person before a public, professional change management forum, or by video, for our exclusive use.  We request permission to use your name, image, and organizational affiliation. That’s it!

The use case should describe:

  • Your current state where change data is collected in multiple steps and filtered numerous times, where change strategies are selected based on the opinion and judgments about stakeholders.
  • How Stracl helped you to a future state of business-led data driven change management.

Our Vision

The Stracl Webapp was created with the help of industry change leads and business executives who have participated in multiple Stracl Webapp Hackathons. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has given their time and expertise to developing a tool that will contribute to more change management success in the future. The Stracl Webapp trial is a great way to keep the discussion of stakeholder engagement going and advance the discipline of change management.

Watch the full on-demand recording of Stracl's session at the ACMP Global Connect Conference (20 minutes). Registration is required to access the recording.

The presentation slide deck can be downloaded from here.