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How to Import a Communication Plan

How to Import a Communication Plan

Correctly format your Communication Plan as an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) spreadsheet.

In your spreadsheet, all Communication Types must already exist within Stracl, or rows containing them won’t import and may derail the rest of the import, even if subsequent rows contain correct Types.

Every column in your spreadsheet must contain properly formatted data for each record in the Excel spreadsheet. All fields except Date are varchar. Date format must be M/D/YYYY. Length limitations for other columns aren’t documented.

  • Type Column imports directly to Type in the Plan
  • Key_Activity column imports to Communication in the Plan
  • Owner imports directly to Owner in the Plan
  • Date imports to Send_On
  • Notes imports to Purpose and appears only in the Item, not in the Plan list

Note that improperly deleted rows may still contain data like empty space characters. These rows will be read as unsuccessful imports.

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