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Learn how to get your PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification and watch our curated list of MS Power BI videos!

Roger Watson

October 2, 2023


Integrating Microsoft Power BI with Stracl offers a powerful combination for businesses seeking to make data-driven decisions. This dynamic partnership enables the seamless display and visualization of Stracl data, enriching the way organizations can interpret and leverage information.

In the realm of change management, the value of this integration becomes even more pronounced. By utilizing Power BI's advanced analytics capabilities, change managers can better articulate the tangible benefits and potential risks of organizational change. This, in turn, equips leadership teams with the critical insights they need to guide transformative processes effectively.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the Microsoft Power BI Desktop software.
  2. Contact to obtain access to your Stracl SaaS instance.

Get Certified

We highly recommend that our users become certified as Microsoft Power BI Data Analysts to unlock the full potential of using Power BI in conjunction with Stracl. To achieve this certification, you will need to successfully pass PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Exam (2 Hours - 60 Questions).

The PL-300 Exam Covers Four Main Topics:

  1. Prepare the Data (19:43)
  2. Model the Data (21:09)
  3. Visualize and Analyze the Data (22:11)
  4. Deploy and Maintain Assets (13:13)



We have also curated a list of helpful videos that can help advance your Power BI skills:

Leila Gharani

Kevin Stratvert

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