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Roger Watson

August 18, 2021

At Stracl we are SOC Compliant. We're working towards ISO. We take security very, very seriously.

How Stracl is Securing Your Organizational Data

SOC2 Certification is needed for businesses offering software. Businesses prefer dealing with secure vendors. They prefer working with vendors demonstrating evidence of implementing best security practices and rigorously protecting sensitive information.

So, most businesses demand  a SOC 2 compliant vendor who demonstrates strict adherence to IT security. Achieving SOC 2 certification means Stracl has established practices with required levels of security across our organization to protect data.

Benefits of SOC2 Certification

Brand Reputation

SOC 2 Certification is an evidence that Stracl has taken all necessary measures to prevent a data breach. This in turn helps in building good credibility and enhances our brand reputation in the market.

Competitive Advantage

Holding a SOC2 Certification/ Attestation definitely gives our business an edge over others in the industry. With so much at stake, businesses are only looking to partner with vendors who are safe and have implemented appropriate measures for preventing data breaches. We have completed a SOC 2 Audit to prove we are safe to work with. When pursuing clients that require a SOC 2 report, having one available gives Stracl an advantage over competitors who do not have one.

Marketing Differentiator

Companies that claim to be secure cannot prove it without passing a SOC2 Audit and achieving SOC2 Certificate. Holding a SOC 2 report is a differentiator for Stracl as against those companies in the marketplace who do not hold SOC2 certification and have not made a significant investment of time and capital in SOC2 Compliance. We market our adherence to rigorous standards with SOC2 Audit and Certification while others cannot.

Better Services

We have improved our security measures and overall efficiency in operations by undergoing a SOC 2 Audit. Stracl is better positioned to streamline processes and controls based on the understanding of the cyber security risks that our customers face. This will overall improve our services.

Assured Security

SOC2 Audit & Attestation/Certification gives Stracl an edge over others as it assures our customers of implemented security measures for preventing breaches, and securing their data. Moreover, the SOC2 report assures clients that Stracl has met established security criteria that ensure that the system is protected against unauthorized access (both physical and logical).

Preference of SOC2 Certified Vendors

Most businesses prefer working with SOC2 Certified vendors. For these reasons having SOC 2 certification is crucial for organizations looking to grow their business in the industry.

ISO27001 is Achievable

SOC 2 requirements are very similar to ISO27001 certification. So, having achieved SOC2 certification makes our process of achieving ISO27001 easier. Even though clearing a SOC2 audit does not automatically get Stracl ISO27001 certification.

Operating Effectiveness

Auditing requirements for SOC2 Type II require compulsory 6 months of evidence and testing of the operating effectiveness of controls in place. So, a SOC2 Audit ensures maintaining an effective information security control environment.

Commitment to IT security

SOC2 Audit & Certification demonstrates Stracl’s strong commitment towards overall IT security. providing customers with the assurance that  their data is protected and that our internal controls, policies, and procedures are evaluated against industry best practice.


As mentioned earlier, SOC 2 requirements go in sync with other frameworks including HIPAA and ISO 27001 certification. So, achieving compliance with other regulatory standards is easy. It can speed up your organization’s overall compliance efforts.

Valuable Insight

A SOC 2 report provides valuable insights into your organization’s risk and security posture, vendor management, internal controls,  governance, regulatory oversight, and much more.


As professionals of the industry, we strongly believe that the benefit of clearing a SOC2 Audit and obtaining a SOC2 report far outweigh the investment for achieving it.  This is because it demonstrates our commitment to and investment in providing secure services and ensuring the security of our clients’ information.

This, in turn, enhances  business continuity, and gives the business a competitive advantage in the industry.

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