Stracl Ends the Year With a Successful Hackathon

A meeting of minds to advance the discipline of change management”.

Cynthia Shern

December 17, 2021

On Tuesday, December 14, Stracl customers, developers and interested folks got together for a hackathon in support of the proposed new webapp, designed to revolutionize the practice of change management.

Stracl development, management, and marketing were all present, as well as Stracl advisor Paul O’Keefe. People introduced themselves and expressed why they were excited to participate. For the privacy of our participants we cannot reveal their company names.

Roger Watson, “It was a terrific opportunity to unlock our team’s creativity and listen to our supporters.”

Overall comment was that it was “fun.”

Hackathon registrants focused on five key thoughts or principles about how to advance the practice and profession of change management:

  • Build gamification and rewards to ensure stakeholder engagement.
  • Eliminate surveys and emails.
  • Provide all the information about change initiatives directly to impacted stakeholders in an app.
  • Move responsibility on judgement/readiness from change managers to the business stakeholders.
  • Reduce business risks on change management implementations by providing real time data.

People had impressive ideas and we are happy to collect them using Google Jamboard and see how we can implement them.

We don’t want to boast, but we heard some very inspirational ideas as regards the benefits our SaaS webapp.

Said Rebecca Tan, Lead Back-end Developer, “I am so happy that the Stracl environment is one where we can brainstorm and exchange ideas.”

If you would like to be a participant in an upcoming Stracl hackathon, please email so that we can find out about your interest.

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