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Organizational Change Management SaaS enters a new generation of productivity and efficiency.

Roger Watson

November 1, 2021

Organizational Change Management SaaS enters a new generation of productivity and efficiency.

The established market leader in change management tools and technology - jTask Pulse is now Stracl. This is the beginning of a new venture that will allow us to separate the Stracl SaaS from our jTask CCMP Training and Consulting businesses. Today is the start of a brand.

New Stracl customers will get an already stable product with years of development and customer requested enhancements embedded. For years, we’ve been trusted by corporations worldwide in a variety of industries.

Existing customers jTask Pulse will get all new Stracl features when their contracts end, unless they opt into an immediate upgrade, that we will be excited to provide.

A sneak peek at the features end users will see that make Stracl worth taking note of are as follows:

  • A new Stracl webapp in Q2 2022
  • Google searchable online training
  • User group community planned for Q2 or Q3 2022

The benefit to the C Suite is quicker end-user adoption and faster realization of change benefits.

A launch party is scheduled for November 16.

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