Announcing Hackathon 3

Find out more about what went on in Hackathon 2 or register for Hackathon 3.

Cynthia Shern

June 20, 2022

Change management professionals will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate on an exciting technological development occurring in change management.

On July 20, from 9:30 to 11:00 am Pacific Time, Stracl Webapp Hackathon 3 will take place. To continue growing Stracl Webapp’s potential in advancing change management technology. Register here.

Our 2nd Stracl Webapp Hackathon was a complete success from our point of view, because participants seemed to have fun and get a lot out of it, based on our after-event survey report.

Participants from the last two hackathons and Stracl all customers are once again invited.

We expect that this third and final hackathon for 2022 will be the best and most exciting.

We hope to double our February 23rd participation and look forward to showing all who participate the latest on how we've implemented their suggestions from Hackathon 1 and 2.

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