Stracl Webapp is Here!

Stracl has launched the Stracl Webapp to assist change and project management professionals in engaging with their stakeholders on a mobile platform.

Haley Lam

June 13, 2022

We are happy to announce that the Stracl Webapp is officially launched!

After months of development and two Stracl Webapp Hackathons, the Stracl Webapp has been released to help change management professionals or senior executives in effectively engaging with their stakeholders during organizational change.

Stracl Webapp Main Features

Separate dashboard views for different stakeholder roles
Real-time change readiness survey
On-boarding project quizzes and challenges
Change management wellness survey

Learn more by scheduling a demo now to see the Stracl Webapp in action.

The Stracl Webapp Vision

Stracl Webapp’s main purpose is to transition leaders from judgement-based to real-time evidence-based change management.

Today, change managers must meet with stakeholders or send out multiple emails with surveys in order to judge stakeholder alignment, capacity, saturation, resistance, and maturity. Now, the Stracl Webapp can be employed to collect this data to be analyzed and displayed in real-time for change leaders to view.

As a result, Stracl Webapp strives to replace overwhelming low value analysis and assessment tasks with more productive time spent on consulting and advisory tasks instead. The early engagement, evidence-based strategies, and real-time analysis can make a big difference for a successful change adoption.


The Stracl Webapp price is to be decided.  If your organization choses to operate Stracl Webapp with an existing Stracl SaaS purchase, then the Stracl Webapp will include capabilities, such as communication, change impact, and training.

Stracl understands that change project complexity can vary and organizational resources can be limited. Therefore, the Stracl Webapp can simply be operated by organizations even without a dedicated change management team.

Upcoming Events

ACMP CHG MGMT Global Connect Conference: How Stracl Revolutionizes and Simplifies Stakeholder Adoption

The Stracl Webapp will make a public debut with a short demonstration at the ACMP Global Connect Conference, on Thursday, June 30th at 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM EDT.

Stracl Webapp Hackathon 3

Stracl will be hosting a third and final Stracl Webapp Hackathon on Wednesday, July 20th, at 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM PST to continue growing Stracl Webapp’s potential in advancing change management technology.

Change management professionals will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate on an exciting technological development occurring in change management.

Thank you to all that have contributed in making Stracl Webapp a reality!

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