The Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Selects Stracl as Change Management Software to support Multi-Year SAP Transformational Journey

The Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, has selected Stracl Organizational Change Management (OCM) Cloud-based software to support its SAP Modernization

Roger Watson

December 21, 2022

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December 21, 2022.
San Mateo, California, USA  

The Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, has selected Stracl Organizational Change Management (OCM) Cloud-based software to support its SAP Modernization Program (SAP MP).

Stracl’s software provides the SAP MP OCM team with process efficiencies for managing change related data to accelerate end user adoption.


“SAP MP’s Organizational Change Management team is excited to partner with Stracl to manage and analyze change data, provide efficiencies and focus on minimizing change disruption for the Province of Nova Scotia.”  - PNS representative.

"We are pleased to work with the Province of Nova Scotia to support their transformation. We believe we can add significant value to their change management activities based on our many years of experience providing software to support large-scale Enterprise transformations.” -  Roger Watson, Stracl Principal.

The SAP Modernization Program (SAP MP) will implement SAPS/4 HANA for the Provincial Government, Education and Health sectors within the Province of Nova Scotia. It is a multiyear SAP Transformation journey, impacting Finance &Logistics, People & Loans, and Time & Payroll services. A total of 71,000 stakeholders will be affected by the SAP MP.

About Stracl

Stracl is an Organizational Change Management Software-as-a-Service provider based in San Mateo, CA. We focus on providing technological solutions for project and change managers working on large scale high-risk business transformations. Our solutions help our customers improve the agility of their change management function to prepare for and ensure the predictability of business performance and productivity for organizations working on a change implementation.

Stracl solutions have been used successfully for many years across various industries, from equipment manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to retail to governmental organizations worldwide.

Stracl is an ISO/IEC27001:2013 registered company.

Stracl SaaS, Webapp, and logo are trademarks of Stracl, Inc. All other organizations and product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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