What to expect from Stracl SaaS and Webapp by year end

In Q4 2022 Stracl SaaS and Webapp will be adding exciting new enhancements.

Melissa Alvarado

October 1, 2022

Q4 promises exciting enhancements and additions both to the Stracl SaaS and to the new mobile Stracl Webapp.

Here's what is coming in Q4

Stracl SaaS

Feature Description
Enhanced Project Detail Improved dashboard with more detailed information on each project.
Better Dynamic Label User Improvements to the user experience of updating field labels with better and faster editing capability.
Improved User Mapping User mapping now provides easier user selection. The number of steps involved in the process will be reduced by about 50%.
New Stakeholder Analysis Custom Fields Three new custom fields that can be used to add data about stakeholders will be added to the stakeholder analysis input screen.

Stracl Webapp

Feature Description
Multi-project Functionality Executives and impacted Stakeholders can switch between projects using a dropdown menu in the webapp.
Change Mgmt. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Executives and Stakeholders will be able to enter real-time Project NPS. This will allow the business the ability to provide a real-time experience of the change management team's implementation of a project.
Project Communications Change Professionals will be able to send project communications from the Stracl SaaS to Webapp.
Webapp Notifications Webapp notifications will be automated. This will allow users to easily find what has been updated on the project in the webapp.
Video Content Change Professionals will be able to embed videos in the Webapp hosted on platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.
Dashboard Cards Help Text Executives and Stakeholders will receive improved explanations of what the Dashboard scores mean.
Change Mgmt. Completion Metrics Standard communication and training metrics will be available. The scores reported will be transferred from Stracl SaaS to the webapp.

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