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Customize Columns, Dates, Menus, and Reports

Stracl is a flexible and customizable software to help organizations transition their team to a new organizational change management software more efficiently. This is a guide that will cover column displays customization, menu options, reporting layouts, and more. However, if there are any customizations we are missing, feel free to contact the Stracl support team at for help or suggestions.

You can change the columns displayed on a Stracl page

Yes, you can change the columns on any page where you see this Column Selector icon.

You can select, or deselect, to show different columns from within the available list. You can also drag and drop existing columns to the left or right for a different reading order.

Custom Selector icon and list_Train

Your changes will be retained for the next time you log in and until you change them again.

Once you have the display as you want, choosing Exports to Excel > This View will export only the columns selected in the proper order.

You can customize Stracl menus and reports to support the terminology that your company and project team uses

Your Stracl Administrator can customize certain terminology to fit your company’s needs. From the Admin menu, click on the Dynamic Labels icon.

Label changes can apply to All Projects (the entire Stracl instance) or be Project Specific.

All Project Editable Dynamic Labels
Project Specific Editable Dynamic Labels

You can change the date format from US (the default) to European format for data entry and reporting purposes

To change the date format, go to your User menu and select User Preferences.

In the User Preferences, change the Date Format to United States (mm/dd/yyyy) or European (dd/mm/yyyy).

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