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Stracl Quickstart

Configuration Set Up

After completing Action 1, Actions 2 to 5 can be done in any order.

1. Customer sets up User Security in Stracl.

2. Customer sets up Project name(s) in Stracl.

3. Customer changes Stracl Dynamic Label names.

4. Customer connects Org Data using the REST API to Stracl.

5. Customer aligns on Filters dropdown default options.

Start Work

Stracl data is shared among modules. Actions 1 to 5 are separate, discrete activities. Project team members will be granted access to Stracl based on their role. For example, an Instructional Designer may only need access to the Train module.

1. Analyze corporate Organizational Data to support your projects.

2. Conduct Stakeholder Analysis. Analyze and mitigate Change Impacts.

3. Create and manage Communication and Engagement Plans.

4. Perform Training Design and Track Training Development.

5. Map User Roles to security access and required training.

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