Lesson 2: Engage Module Menu Structure

Sidebar Navigation Menu: Toggle the 3 bars icon to access the Sidebar Navigation Menu

  • Dashboard: Displays an overview of the project’s engagement statistics
  • Plan: Lists the Change Management deliverables based on the Standard for Change Management
  • Stakeholders: Display and manage stakeholder groups
  • Stakeholder Chart: Analyze and graph stakeholders affected by this project
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Analyze stakeholder groups by level of acceptance
  • Change Impact Analysis: Organize areas of change impact and include stakeholder group’s risk and impact rankings
  • Change Impact Risk Score Chart: Display change impact risks graphically
  • Multi Project Analysis: See how stakeholders are impacted across projects
  • Reports: Generate stakeholder- and analysis-related reports

Engage Module Dashboard

  1. Stakeholder Categories
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Change Impact Summary
  4. Change Impact Overview

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