Lesson 4: Create and Update Resources

  1. On the Train tab, select Resource
  2. Select the +New button to begin a new resource
  3. Or click the Pencil icon next to a resource to edit it
  4. Enter data to add or edit a resource as appropriate
  5. Remember to Save your work!
  6. Select the appropriate verb for each task from the dropdown menu.
  7. Select the CD checkbox to display the Resource in the web version of the Course Description.
  8. Select the Sim checkbox to show that the task needs a Simulation or a recording to be developed.
  9. Select the PE checkbox to show that the task needs a Practice Exercise to be developed.
  10. Actions Icons: Click the Plus Sign to add a new task, the Pencil to edit the task, or click the Trash Can icon to delete the task.
  11. Also, you can click the +New button to add another resource to this course
  12. Remember to Save your work!

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