Lesson 9: Answers to FAQs and Tips

Answers to Common Train Module FAQs

Do I have to enter Course Resources?

Stracl does not require this field to be filled in. However, course resources (terminal objectives) are a training industry best practice that many instructional designers follow and recommend to ensure the purpose/goal of the course is understood..

It is recommended that all training materials have them so that students and instructors align on what is being taught.

I do not have access to the Scheduling Menu. What functionality does this menu offer?

The Scheduling Menu is where you can build a training schedule by locations, classes, and users.

Contact your Stracl Admin if you need access.

Should I number all my classes?

It is a training industry best practice to number your courses. Here are three benefits to numbering courses:

  • Class names might change during the development process.
  • Numbering your courses makes it easier to locate courses for training material management purposes.
  • Numbering helps your learners understand the structure of your training program.

Can I organize the page for Course Overview for faster data entry?

Yes, go to your User Menu and select Screen Options.

Why would I disable an unused course, instead of deleting it?

Two possible reasons:

  • The project team might decide to reinstate the course later.
  • Your organization might decide to use it in another phase of the project or in another project.

Use Train Module Tips and Tricks

  • Include Course Description links in the email you use to communicate with students. This will inform them of their training requirements and set expectations.
  • If you are creating multiple resources, click the Save & New button to keep the Resources window open for quick data entry.
  • The Resources screen contains a Search function and Replace function at the top of the screen.

Two possible uses for this function:

  • Make spelling or grammar revisions to several Resources efficiently.
  • If the course name in the default resources doesn’t make sense, use this function to replace the course name in multiple resources quickly.

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