Train Course Key Terms and Course Summary

Train Course Key Terms and Definitions

Term Definition
Course A series of lessons that teach the skills needed for a specific job or task. In Stracl, courses must include a title and can include a unique course number, course description, course objective, and learning objectives.
Course Objective The overall course objective that is supported by the learning objectives.
LOs An abbreviation for Learning Objectives. These are training-enabling objectives. They describe the actions or tasks to be observed to ensure training is effective. All courses in Stracl require learning objectives to be complete.
Learning Object An educational item such as a job aid, work Instruction, or any educational item you want to track separately. In Stracl, learning objects do not require you to enter learning objectives. Learning objects are free-standing objects accessible from the Learning Objects menu, or they can be attached to a course.
SME A Subject Matter Expect is the person designated by the project team as knowledgeable about the specific area being presented in a course. The SME is often asked to guide, review, and improve the project’s procedures and training materials. In Stracl, the SME is listed as one of the course contacts.

Course Summary

Now that you have completed this course, you are able to:

  • Explain what the Train module does and why it is important
  • Explain the Train software menu structure
  • Create or update a course
  • Create or update resources
  • Enter course objectives (enabling objectives)
  • Output a course description into PowerPoint or Excel
  • Update course or resources development percentage completion status
  • Run and analyze training development reports
  • Answer Train module FAQs
  • Use Train module tips and tricks
  • Explain key Train module terms and definitions

Great job at completing your Stracl Train Module Training!

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