Lesson 2: Stracl Set Up Process Overview

To ensure that Stracl is ready to use, the administrator will perform these tasks:

  1. Set up users in the system and define their access to Stracl’s functions. To avoid users having to enter multiple passwords, Stracl supports Single Sign On (SSO) and SAML. It is an extra service. Contact Stracl Sales sales@stracl.com for details and pricing.
  2. Add a project and customize dynamic labels, so that Stracl is configured to support your business processes.
  3. Add filters to allow users to manage and organize data content in Stracl more effectively and efficiently.
  4. Connect your company data to Stracl using Stracl REST API or import org data. Your company’s data is used for stakeholder analysis and mapping. If you want to use our REST API, contact Stracl sales sales@stracl.com for more details and pricing.
  5. Support any large data spreadsheet import of positions, training, or security data. Everything can be created in Stracl, but to support existing data you can upload spreadsheet content into Stracl.
  6. Customize user settings for major modules: Engage, Communicate, Train, and Map.

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