How do I make a user an instructional designer?

When you are setting up a user’s account, mark this employee as a Course Editor. This will make the user an instructional designer in the system.

What is the best practice to add mapping information into Stracl?

Practice with small data lots so that you build experience. When making uploads add positions, security roles, T-codes and training lists before uploading their relationships.

Note that the above terms (positions, security roles, and T-codes) could have been renamed in your Stracl instance. They are all dynamic labels.

Look here: Admin > Projects > to see the Dynamic Label popup screen and review/revise the dynamic labels.

What happens to employee records in the Stracl org data when employees leave our organization?

In Stracl, employees are classified as active or inactive. When an employee leaves their record is marked as inactive. They are not deleted and may be reactivated, should they return.

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